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Secret Santa for Everyone!
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Commission Pricing
My Prices are as Follows:

$10.00 for first character

+ $5.00 per additional character

+$10.00 with background
+ $10.00 for NSFW (May exceed the ToS)

Multiply by 0.5 for sketch.
Multiply by 1 for clean pencils + pencil shading.
Multiply by 2 for fully inked + ink shading.
Multiply by 3 for fully inked and colored.

There are no restrictions on props, or interactions within characters. Extremely complex layouts are fine. NSFW requests are accepted, and high levels of kink are encouraged. Having said that:

1. No Vore
2. No Drowning
3. No Guro (Bruised Faces)
4. No Dismemberment

Everything else is free game. :D (Big Grin)

So, for example: 

A commission of a sketch of a single character, with no background would be: $5.00

A commission of 3 characters with no background and clean pencils + pencil shading would be: $20.00

A commission of two characters with a background and clean pencils + pencil shading would be: $25.00

A commission of 3 characters with a background and fully inked would be: $60.00

And a commission of 3 characters with background, NSFW, fully inked, and colored would be: $120.00

And so on, so forth, etc. Permission will be given to recolor fully inked commissions. Please, no copyright infringement. I accept payment by paypal and check. PLEASE IGNORE THE PRICE IN THE WIDGET. POINTS ARE NOT ACCEPTED AS PAYMENT, AND WILL BE IMMEDIATELY REFUNDED. If you're interested, you can send me a note, or purchase through the commissions widget. POINTS GIVEN THROUGH THE WIDGET WILL BE REFUNDED UPON ACCEPTANCE AND HAVING RECEIVED PAYMENT OF THE COMMISSION, AND DO NOT CONSTITUTE ACCEPTABLE PAYMENT IN ANY WAY, SHAPE OR FORM. I reserve the right to refuse any offer, legal boilerplate, etc.



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United States
Hello! I am DruidPeter. :meow:

Please, make yourself at home, and I do hope you enjoy your stay! :D

Please Note: I'm currently drowning in reply notifications, watch notifications, etc. Will process them as much as I can, but please be patient. Thank you. :3


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I hereby do swear upon my most solemn soul
that any and all donations received shall go
to the horniest harlots and the finest of blow!

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PLEASE NOTE: I AM CURRENTLY SUFFERING FROM MONONUCLEOSIS, A.KA. MONO. But it's been way too long, and I want to get this journal up before people start scratching their heads. Thank you. This post may have some lapses in consistency in places. 

Hello everyone. I have an announcement to make: I am leaving deviantart. I am not going to delete my account, as I may return after an extended period of time. Namely, I am going to be undergoing a complete social media blackout for the next 180 days. I will be using this time to rest up, recover from various relapses in mental health pertaining to anxiety and other issues, explore some things that I've wanted to do for a long time, but haven't because of time and work constraints, etc. Hence, this will be my last journal post for a while.

Having said that, there are some things that I will be doing. First, I will be featuring some amazing deviants on this site: To talk a little bit about them, as well as hopes for the future. In addition to this, I have an awkward revelation: I can't actually do a complete social media blackout. My work and my business means that I will still have to interact with a few of you guys, although the precise nature and details of what I mean will be sent to those deviants via private message. So far, I'm thinking of 4 deviants that will form the core exception to my absence on this website. Possibly 5, depending on certain circumstances.

Now then, let's begin. I will start by tagging each deviant in turn, speaking some words about the deviant personally, and then featuring some of their work. Expect these journals to come very infrequently, but in the end, I will end up featuring a great deal of people. (Please note: That if you're not on the list but you think you should be, please be patient. You might be on a later journal to come.) :3


Hello, Maakurika! It was very fun working with you in the secret santa group event! You are one of the deviants who I will remain in contact with, owing to the "went" collaboration. I know I haven't sent any email over the past 2-3 weeks, but please expect communication to reopen relatively soon. I'm going to see if I can get you the pencils in by february 4th, although I will be attending a festival with my girlfriend that day, so the actual pencils might come a day or two later. We'll see how things work out. :D

I first met Maakurika when she ended up being my secret santa for the Secret Santa Summer 2016 event. She did an amazing job with a high flying portrait of a beloved OC of mine, Sara Bhilatskova:  Secret Santa Summer 2016 .:Sara Bhilatskova:. by maakurika Which I adore and cherish to this day! Maakurika's style of art is exceptionally good, and she is an exceptionally hard worker, having drawn every day for a long time to produce a huge leap in her abilities over a very short time. She wants to work in animation, and I truly believe that she will succeed in her goals in a way that just blows the competition out of the water. I am very happy to have met her, and hope to continue to be friends with her throughout her career. :D


Vixenkiba has an very interesting conworld, entitled Terrapocalypse. She has used her background in the geological sciences to produce a rich world of vivid characters, amazing environments, and an interesting tale that is likely to be a major player in fantasy someday. I first met her when doing gift artworks on the forum, of which I believe she ended up taking the 2nd of 3 slots, and in which she requested a sort of abandoned industrial setting. lol. Looking back on that image I made for her, I can't help but cringe. I've definitely come along way, and were I to do another gift art work for her I most definitely would have done a lot of things differently.

Vixenkiba, I truly enjoyed learning about your world and your characters, and definitely intend to keep tabs on Terrapocalypse. I also think that you are a very fun person in general, and I look up to and respect you for your academic endeavors and your adventures in Oman. I don't think this will be the last we hear of each other, and so, in lieu of any sort of definitive Good Bye, I shall say only, "Totdat we elkaar weer ontmoeten"


I first met Cyrinthia when she happened to donate 2 points to me in my donation widget. At the time, I was flattered, and so I decided to check out her gallery and profile. At the time, most of her work was MLP inspired work, though she has come up with some very creative and intriguing species designs in her own right. Cyrinthia may or may not have a relationship on DA with oscurabella and Sarang-Lee, but I have ended up associating these three together as a group anyways, lol. She is still a young artist, about 14 years old if I remember correctly, and her entire life and future is ahead of her. Cherish these times, Cyrinthia. I myself am still a young man, but as someone entering their late 20's, I recognize that my generation has crested. The millenials will soon become the old guard, and you and others like you, Cyrinthia, will become the new vanguard, lol.

You have often surprised me with your maturity, Cyrinthia. So much so, in fact, that I did not at first realize that you were so young. I consider this, and I have a feeling that you are going to grow into an amazing person, and are going to have an amazing life.


Ah! Oscurabella, oscurabella! :meow: You were one of the earliest individuals I met while on this website. I also believe you were one of my earliest commentors, and my gratefullness to you during these times has grown without bound. Perhaps it is silly. We hardly know each other, but I'm loyal to you and your artwork as a friend. I know that you, too, have started moving off of the DeviantArt website. The website itself is no longer the community it once was, and I have heard rumblings and murmurs of the death of the website. But know that I will always think of you, and your amazing artwork, fondly. You have a wonderfully artistic style that is growing and changing in phenomenal ways, and I would love to see how and where your career and life takes you. :D


Hehe! Ppgrainbow! You are another deviant which shall be exempt from my social media blackout! :D We have some unfinished business, after all. I don't want to just leave you hanging with the administration for the Secret Santa Network Group Event which is held each year. Please expect a note from me with more details and considerations about the future of the event in my absence. Also, I have always loved your television smiley user icon. :meow:

Oh! Speaking of the Secret Santa Event: :iconthatfurryartist:, While I am leaving DeviantArt, I will still be presenting you with a gift to make up for you not receiving one during the secret santa winter event. I can't say exactly when I will be presented to you, except that it will be this year, and that it will exceed the level of quality that I presented with Magno's gift, shown here:  Spirant no Parkour -- For MagnoV824 by DruidPeter. The same sentiments apply to you, as well, MagnoV824. Your work will be completed and regiven to you sometime before the end of 2017.


Ah, yes. GreenAngel5... :meow: I will say only this...

Expect a PM. ;)


There is a bit of a real world connection between us, now isn't there, magno? xD We've never met, but rather only found each other through our mutual friend, Ernesto Narvais. (In fact, now that I think of it, I'm not sure I even know your real name! :stare:) And yet in spite of that, I am enamoured with the spirit with which your approach your life. You have a very good heart, Magno. Like Cyrinthia, Oscurabella, and others on this list, you are still young, being in your early twenties while I am in my late. I enjoyed perusing your artwork. There exists in them a quirky gift for solid characterization that can only be borne from the mind of someone who is a good observer. I would, hence, encourage you to pursue your dreams boldly, Magno.

Without Ernesto or DeviantArt to connect us, we may fall out of contact with each other, but please know that I look upon you with admiration and respect. Pursue your dreams man. Make them come to life. :D


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I liked what you said about Ainett thankyou. I was also gonna say because you mentioned she would fit in fairy tail, "yep, big boobs and a skimpy outfit" :) but seriously thanks what you said about her.
DruidPeter Featured By Owner Jan 27, 2017
Ah. lol. No problem, Tyrannuss555, and thank you for thanking me! xD (Besides, nothing wrong with big boobs and a skimpy outfit, you know. ;))
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